Abinitio Articles

Ab Initio Design Principles
Ab Initio Design PrinciplesAb Initio Design Principles article focuses mainly on design standards and best practices when creating Ab Initio graphs. It points out the guidelines to create visionally supportable Ab Initio graphs, to manage metadata, rules for defining complex...
Ab Initio and Data Warehousing
Ab Initio and Data WarehousingAn interesting article about implementing Ab Initio into a datawarehouse environment. It outlines advantages of AbInitio as a robust and high productivity environment where development work can be completed quickly and shows how Ab Initio enables the adaptive...
Ab Initio wiki
Ab Initio wikiBasic information on Ab Initio ETL tool with an oveview of the AbInitio environment. The article provides basic information on the Co>Operating System, the component library, GDE Graphical Development Environment and frontend for developers, Enterprise...
Ab Initio ETL solutions
Ab Initio ETL solutionsAbInitio vendor pages with a brief overview of the most significant use of Ab Initio solutions. It shows the use of AbInitio in the financial sector (credit card transactions), retail, transportation, telecom, insurance and others like semiconductor...
Ab Initio Evaluation
Ab Initio EvaluationThe author of this article focuses on the approach Ab Initio represent on the marketing of their products and solutions. It contains some high level comparisons between Ab Initio and Datastage and Informatica. It also outlines the fact that it is hard to get...

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