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Teradata MDS

Details: Teradata Meta Data Services (Teradata MDS) is an application which helps manage both business and technical metadata in an Enterprise Data Warehouse environment. The article contains a link to the Discover Teradata Meta Data Services: Get a Broadened View of the Data in Your Warehouse PDF document which introduces MDS in more detail.

Overview of the MDS components
  • Metadata repository - centrally managed set of Teradata tables
  • MDS engine - which manages communication between a client and the metadata repository
  • Application Information Metamodels (AIM) - defines how metadata are stored and associated to other metadata in the MDS repository.
  • Teradata MDS MetaSurf application - is a web based view into the repository metadata. MetaSurf includes the ability to search, drill-down, compare, navigate, and update the metadata in the repository, and it can be easily customized.
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