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Integration Services Tutorials

Details: Free Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services technical tutorials on microsoft pages.
Currently there are three tutorial lessons available:
  • Creating a Basic Package Using a Wizard - demonstrates how to create a basic data transfer package by using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard. The lesson also contains an introduction with simple examples to the SSIS expression language.
  • Creating a Simple ETL Package Tutorial - this lesson demonstrates how to create a basic package that extracts data from a file, performs a lookup in a reference table, and writes the data to a database table. It also provides an example on how to implement repeating workflow in a loop, enable logging, create configurations to dynamically update package properties and add error handling.
  • Deploying Packages Tutorial - illustrates how to prepare a group of packages, create and copy a deployment bundle and install the packages in an SQL Server database on a target computer.

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