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LogiAnalytics (LogiXML)

Details: LogiAnalytics (LogiXML), provides tools in purely Web-based, truly unified Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard, reporting, and analysis solutions. LogiXML empowers enterprises to turn data into business-critical information with pure Web-based reporting and analysis products. The Company offers a comprehensive platform that addresses all key areas of BI - managed reporting, ad hoc reporting, analysis and data services. LogiXML software is the smart choice for Business Intelligence, giving you more power with less effort. It is simple to start creating Web based dashboards in hours, reports in minutes and analysis on demand, without complex pricing schemes or user fees. Easy to connect, quick to build and intuitive to use, LogiXML empowers everyone to get the most value from their data, no matter where it resides. Founded in 2000, LogiXML is privately held and based in McLean, Virginia.

Formerly LogiXML
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