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SiSense Prism Business Intelligence software

Details: SiSense Prism is a do-it-yourself business intelligence (BI) software, aimed at workgroups, departments and companies. This powerful, flexible, end-to-end Business Intelligence solution lets users convert raw data into reports, dashboards and analytics using a single product. Prism is a full-stack BI solution - no additional or third-party software is required.
Mashing up any amount of data from any number of different sources is quick and easy, using visual drag-and-drop tools. Queries can be run against combinations of data files, cloud data sources and any ODBC-compliant database, as easily as if they were a single data source. No programming or scripting is required (although SQL scripting is available for advanced users). New or frequently changing data sources can be easily incorporated on the fly for immediate availability (without the need to rebuild the entire data store). Massive amounts of data can be processed rapidly using only standard PC hardware, without the need to re-arrange the data, create a data warehouse or design OLAP cubes.
Queries, reports and interactive dashboards can be instantly shared among any number of users via a central, server-based data repository (or by exporting to Excel or PDF).
Prism`s dashboards and reports provide rich, interactive data visualization, ad hoc analysis and drill-down capabilities, easily usable by business users and analysts alike.

SiSense Prism is significantly less expensive than the traditional business intelligence vendors like IBM Cognos or SAP Business Objects in several aspects:
  • Sisense provides pay-as-you-go pricing as well as one-time pricing. For example, a client can buy a package of 1 author (i.e. developer) and 5 users (viewers) and pay a monthly fee for processing up to n millions of rows of data.
  • Prism allows creation of BI apps in hours or days, where with other products just the integration and preparation projects could take months. SiSense Prism does not require a traditional data warehouse or OLAP Cubes.
  • The hardware requirements for Prism are significantly lower than the competition.
  • No developer or DBA needed to use Prism (less costly personnel to build and maintain).
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