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Microstrategy discussion forums

Details: Microstrategy discussion forums is probably the biggest forum around Microstrategy Business Intelligence products.
It contains posts grouped into the following sections:
  • Installation and/or setup of MicroStrategy products
  • Development of schema objects (facts, attributes, hierarchies, etc) and public objects (metrics, filters, reports, dashboards, etc)
  • General metadata management and Intelligence Server, Web Server and Narrowcast Server administration
  • Custom development and MicroStrategy SDK
  • MicroStrategy 8 to MicroStrategy 9 upgrade troubleshooting
  • There is also an area for powers users to discuss advanced MicroStrategy Web features (ad-hoc reporting, object creation in web, etc)
  • Microstrategy Marketplace
  • An area for discussions on any general MicroStrategy topics that are non-technical in nature

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