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ETL Data warehousing tutorial

Details: The ETL tutorial demonstrates the real-life data warehousing scenarios with sample solutions. The course depicts typical datawarehousing problems and shows many ways to handle and solve them using various ETL tools, such as Datastage, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), BusinessObjects Data Integrator (BODI), SAS, Oracle, Informatica PowerCenter, Cognos DecisionStream and native SQL (and PLSQL).

The DataWarehousing ETL tutorial describes and analyzes typical data warehouse problems.
It contains guided exercises and lessons on such Data Warehousing challenges as:
  • Processing of non-typical input files, like mainframes extracts, EDI and EPIC files.
  • Loading source system extracts - also how to copy the files via FTP, process multiple input files, etc.
  • It shows how to apply business rules in the ETL process
  • Surrogate key and natural key
  • Data warehouse architecture with data marts and reporting attached to it
  • Data quality and data cleansing process
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