Business Intelligence Tools Selection

Apart from the standard resources listed below, we published a few free articles with comparisons of the leading Business Intelligence platforms.
Basically there are a few meaningful business intelligence platforms in the market now. If they weren't good enough, they wouldn't find so many followers, therefore it's impossible to write a fully objective comparison. So in some points the reviews might be a bit subjective and this is not because we like IBM more than SAP or Oracle more than IBM, it is just the outcome of our professional experience.

Please have in mind that the authors of this portal are not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and any other vendor listed or described on the pages of our portal.

Business Intelligence platforms comparisons:

  • Business Objects vs Cognos - strengths, weaknesses and product analysis of the two leading business intelligence platforms: SAP Business Objects XI and IBM Cognos 8/9/10
  • Oracle Hyperion vs Business Objects to make a choice between SAP Business Objects XI and Oracle Hyperion is a hard decision. The article provides comparison of those two major players on the business intelligence platforms market.
  • Microsoft Office vs SAP Business Objects - A comparison of two software applications from the business intelligence standpoint: Microsoft Office and SAP Business Objects
  • Crystal Reports vs SSRS - the article compares the two market leading static reporting platforms: SAP BO Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Cognos - Business Objects - SQL Server - a detailed list and relations of the products provided by the three leading BI suites: IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server

  • Barc Research (formerly BI Verdict and OLAP Report)
    Barc Research (formerly BI Verdict and OLAP Report)The OLAP Report is an independent research resource for organizations buying and implementing OLAP applications. The webpage is committed to provide independent information to help buyers make the most of their OLAP tool selection. Major part of the content...
    Gartner business intelligence evalutation
    Gartner business intelligence evalutationGartner provides fact-based consulting services that help clients use and manage IT to enable business performance. It offers research services and executive programs and is widely used by large corporations when analysing and choosing Business Intelligence...
    BI Tools Selection
    BI Tools SelectionThe Business Intelligence selection tools section lists the different types of BI tools and the selection criteria for each. Articles are divided into the following logical chapters: General considerations - buy vs build, vendor selection, support,...
    Best Practices for Business Intelligence Tool Selection
    Best Practices for Business Intelligence Tool SelectionThe Business Intelligence Tool Selection best practices article outlines the most significant tasks in the selection of BI strategy. This article outlines a streamlined process with a proven set of best practices that mitigate business risk and reduce the...
    Datamonitor Business Intelligence
    Datamonitor Business IntelligenceDatamonitor is a provider of online data, analytic and forecasting platforms for key vertical sectors. The Datamonitor research covers seven major industry sectors with thousands of research products featuring primary data, independent analysis and fresh...
    The Business Intelligence Tools Survey
    The Business Intelligence Tools SurveyThe Business Intelligence Tools Survey is a 40 pages document which contains the BI comparison matrix based on thirteen tools and 70 criteria, the graphs showing how each BI tool scores with regard to functionality, usability, connectivity, platform support,...
    Business Intelligence software products
    Business Intelligence software productsThe portal provides information on business intelligence software and contains a comprehensive, human-edited collection of quality web pages organized into the following categories: Business Intelligence platforms reviews, Data warehouse systems, Data...

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