Sql Server

Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence

SQL Server 2005/2008 BI tools

Microsoft delivers a full BI solution with the SQL Server datatbase engine. This includes:

  • SQL Server Database engine
  • SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS) - multidimensional analysis tool
  • SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) - reporting framework
  • SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) - built-in ETL tool

    Microsoft SQL Server is shipped with the following environments for designing and managing business intelligence applications:
  • SQL Server Management Studio - an application used for managing databases and data warehouse which can be used for executing deployed SSIS packages.
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio is a powerful design environment for developers which helps in the development of SSAS cubes, SSRS reports and SSIS packages.
  • SQL Server Surface Area Configuration - connectivity configuration tool
  • SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • SQL Server Profiler - monitoring tool
  • Database Engine Tuning Advisor - a tool for optimizing database performance

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