Sybase Data Federation

Sybase Data Federation

What is data federation ?

Data Federation unifies the integration of data from many distributed sources supplying standardized access to integrated views by means of a single data layer. Data federation uses Sybase Data Federation technology.

Sybase Data Federation offers flexible and efficient problem solving for information integration by creating the strategic data layer on the premises of the whole enterprise. Optimizes the integration of distributed data and provides the standardized access to integrated information views within the framework of a single data layer.

Data federation benefits

    Benefits given by Sybase Data Federation Software:
  • standardization and simplification of the data accessibility - many distributed data sources appear as one,
  • creation of integrated data views, which can be used again and again and the library of data bases,
  • supplying the data in real time from their original sources-not from the collective data bases or replicas,
  • efficient supplying of the up-to-date information with simultaneous protection of the data bases used in production systems,
  • using flexible Sybase Data Federation Enterprise and Data Integration Framework to integrate ETL, EAI applications and other tools and to centralize many data integration projects,
  • the usage of expanded, distributed grid type of architecture, provides by Sybase Data Federation, in order to create strategic layer of data abstraction, by which many sources and applications are operated and to provide simple scalability within the framework of the whole enterprise.

Data accessibility and integration

The Sybase Data Federation provides the integration and efficient access to the data using federation method. EII system based on Sybase software is a very efficient and effective solution to make up-to-date data accessible for application within the whole enterprise. Using the Sybase Data Federation, the applications download the data as they were the local one. Besides, they are isolated from characteristic attributes of data source. One virtual data source provides an efficient access to unformatted, transformed or integrated data, which can come from many different sources. The Sybase Data Federation also enables to create and maintenance the integrated data views, which are essential for applications. This solution was created both with a view to operating one project with critical meaning and the whole enterprise.

Integrated information view

Integrated data views of the Sybase Data Federation are those which are required by application. Generally, the data are not assessable from one source. In order to create their integrated view, the Sybase Data Federation must collect the data from many different sources and connect them in a proper way. Making such data views accessible, by means of the Sybase Data Federation, enable applications to operate on one single virtual information source while ‘behind the scenes’ the system operates it by means of many data sources. The Sybase Data Federation uses a federative approach and creates dynamic integrated views by downloading data from different sources. The core of the abstract data layer of the Sybase Data Federation is a library of all integrated views. It is used for providing the standard access to data and simplifying the work of applications, which are operated on basis of this data.