Sybase Iq

Sybase IQ

The Sybase IQ is a technological revolution which has changed the field of reports, reviews and analyses. It is an analytical mechanism with an integrated technology of extraction, transformation and data loading (ETL), from beginning, it was designed with the view to providing fast implementation of data warehouse, high efficiency of enquiries and low total cost of possessing any kinds of analytical applications and report systems.

Column Oriented Database

Sybase IQ is intended for an efficient analysis of great amounts of data, based on Vertical Partitioning technology. It is a column-oriented data base (CODB).
CODB is an acronym, which stands for Column-Oriented Data Base, a columnar system of data base management. In contradiction to traditional RDBMS systems, where the data is stored horizontally- in lines, in the CODB, the data are stored vertically – in columns, each column separately.
This pattern contributes to very fast operations on the complex, unexpected enquiries. The Sybase IQ does not require expensive and time-consuming adjustments, in order to maintain a high efficiency of enquiries processing. The data structure based on columns and the patented indexing method happens that Sybase IQ is one of the best solution for data warehouse and reports.

Sybase IQ Efficiency

Sybase IQ allows accomplishing the enquiries of users within 10-100 times shorter than traditional technologies of data warehouse and what is more, regardless of the number of enquiries or users. The results of enquiries are given within seconds or minutes, but never within hours or days, as it happens in case of traditional transaction technologies. Considering the fact, that Sybase IQ enables loading of data in the real time without any influence upon its efficiency, the users can take actions and make decisions fast, on the basis of the most up-to-date information. Furthermore, the integrated ETL environment (access in version –Sybase IQ Extended Enterprise Edition) and an efficient server, using directly functions of processing, which are made accessible by Sybase IQ, enable faster configuration and implementation of the required analytical solution.

    Advantages of using Sybase IQ:
  • faster time of the elaboration
  • lower total costs
  • lower administrative requirements
  • faster loading of data and short response reaction times

The answers are given immediately, regardless of the data number, which are being analyzed, regardless of data number in the data warehouse or report system, and regardless of the users number, who making enquiries.
Thanks to Sybase IQ, transaction data can be fast imported into analytical system, as a result of this, the users have access to the latest information. That means faster decisions and the advantage over the competition. The Sybase IQ was created with the view of trouble-free scaling. This solution has been profoundly checked and tested at an angle of operating.

Thousands of users and enquiries, thousands of processors, which are inside the servers of different generations, more than 155 TB input data. In the Sybase IQ, the problem with scalability simply does not exist. One can start with small configuration and makes it bigger or start with big and makes it enormous. In the efficiency test made by Francois Raab, the Sybase IQ loaded 155TB input data and compressed them to 55 TB in the data warehouse. In case of traditional method, the same 155 TB ended as 500-1000TB.