Teradata Articles

Teradata Magazine
Teradata MagazineTeradata magazine online. The magazine is a good source of information for the future of Teradata data warehousing, contains latest news, technical articles, viewpoints and case studies. It is a good place to learn teradata, both from the analytical and...
Microsoft and Teradata Solutions
Microsoft and Teradata SolutionsInformation page on combined Microsoft and Teradata Business Intelligence solutions. The page includes latest Teradata release features, a video on how enterprise data warehousing from Teradata helps companies,Teradata Customer Management, Finance and...
Teradata EDW - Enterprise Data Warehouse
Teradata EDW - Enterprise Data WarehouseVendors information on the robust Teradata enterprise business intelligence framework. It provides high level information on the new features of the latest version, such as optimized parallel database engine, a cost-based optimizer, a workload management...

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