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Database and Data Warehouse Tuning Principles

Details: Database and Data Warehouse Tuning principles, experiments and troubleshooting techniques is an over 200 slides presentation in the form of tutorial on how to tune the DWH system.
The tutorial is organized into the following chapters:
  • Basic Principles - tuning principles, experimental results and troublehooting techniques
  • Tuning the guts - concurrency control (lock contention), recovery, OS optimization, proper use of hardware resources
  • Index tuning
  • Relational Systems tuning - Denormalization, Vertical Partitioning, Query rewriting, Materialized views
  • Application Interface - ODBC, JCDB, OCI, CLI
  • Tuning E-commerce Applications
  • Data warehouse Applications tuning - aggregates, multidimensional indexes, materialized views, approximations
  • Federated Data Warehouse - Processing data across multiple databases

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