Sybase Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence is the crucial tool for enterprises in almost every branch of industry. In order to meet the demand of the customers, the following Sybase Business Intelligence software solutions have been created.

Sybase IQ

It is a Business Intelligence application, which provides a detailed analytic platform, and every packet offers specific business benefits for the specific sectors of the market. By means of it, the users can make the identification and analysis of critical data, which are characteristic of the specific sector of industry and specific character of the market. Sybase is an analytical server, which has been designed for fast results delivery of data analyses and for using data warehouse on any basic platform and with any operating system. It allows operating with various data, using various data sources. Furthermore, Sybase IQ provides a high level of enquiry transformations along with the extraordinary efficiency.

Modeling & Development

Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio (IWS) and Power Designer – tools for simulation and design, which combine the simulation in UML language, simulation of business processes, and the traditional simulation of a database. All tools are closely integrated and easy to operate in a graphic environment, which works on the basis of the repository.

Sybase ETL

The task of ETL application is to load the data from source systems, transform the data to set, homogeneous form, and finally load such transformed data to their final place of storage. Sybase ETL solution is characterized by easiness of usage and high level of scalability, which has been obtained with unique GRID architecture, based on one platform.

Data Integration Suite

It is a modular scalable solution, which helps enterprises to integrate heterogeneous data sources, which have great influence on the quality and speed of Business Intelligence processes. The platform combines technologies of data replication, data federation, and real time events. It also provides tools for data simulation and design, and tools for data management and administration.

Sybase Data Management

A solution for data management. Data is a strategic value for many organizations. Thanks to proper usage of data, the process of making decisions is upgraded. The traditional approach to central data management has changed and Sybase Data Management covers such issues as:

  • Transaction systems
  • Critical analyses and data warehouse
  • Mobile access to data

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