Teradata Tutorials And Trainings

Useful SELECT queries in Teradata SQL
Useful SELECT queries in Teradata SQLA quick tutorial on Select Queries in Teradata SQL. It describes the syntax of select statement, its use, a few useful examples and users' comments....
Date and time manipulation in Teradata
Date and time manipulation in TeradataA tutorial article on how to handle date and time variables in Teradata (including discrapancies listing between V2R4 and V2R5). It contains information on timestamp data type sys_calendar.calendar, date intervals calculations and more. Clear examples help...
String operations in Teradata
String operations in TeradataA tutorial article on how to handle character variables (strings) in Teradata SQL. The tutorial show how to concatenate strings, convert strings to hexadecimal value using CHAR2HEXINT function, locating characters in a string (INDEX, POSITION functions),...
Teradata tutorial
Teradata tutorialA good Teradata tutorial which is divided into the following sections: Teradata components and introduction to Teradata database model Fundamental information on Teradata SQL Utility commands (HELP, SHOW, SESSION) Data transformations in Teradata Aggregate...
Teradata TPump Tutorial
Teradata TPump TutorialThe Teradata tutorial presentation of using Teradata TPump in an Active Data Warehouse Environment shows the use, features and architecture of using TPump in great detail. It outlines the reasons why TPump is suitable for active datawarehousing and refers to...

Teradata MultiLoad Guide
Teradata MultiLoad GuideThe Teradata MLoad tutorial guides through the process of importing, updating and deleting data on Teradata RDBMS using Teradata MultiLoad loading tool. The tutorial recommends when MultiLoad and FastLoad should be used and shows how to use loading...

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