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Who is Who in Open Source Business Intelligence

Details: Free downloadable copy of Gartner research about OSBI (Open Source Business Intelligence) market. The article provides key findings and thorough analysis of the OSBI market and contains useful recommendations on evaluation of the open source BI tool.

The article outlines two available options on the camp of OSBI providers:
- BI suite approach which provides a free Business Intelligence platform and generates profits out of providing professional services, support and consulting. Main players from that group currently are: Pentaho, JasperSoft, Actuate BIRT, SpagoBI, Jedox
- Open-source projects maintained by individuals and small communities, without any commercial interests. Almost all platforms, tools and source code can be downloaded from SourceForge pages. By far most often the successful open source initiatives are acquired by bigger players. Currently this group is represented by the following projects: BEE project , Open Intelligence, OpenReport, RLIB.