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Microstrategy online video tutorials

Details: Free Microstrategy online tutorials section provide informative online videos which helps learn the basics of MicroStrategy. The videos aim bith towards the business and the technical users.

The tutorials which show Business features are:

  • Data exploration screencast
  • Data visualization demo
  • Drilling through the data
  • Running ad-hoc reports

    The videos demonstrating technical features are as follows:
  • Basic report creation demo
  • How to create a KPI or Metric
  • Creating a graph
  • Grouping the data on the fly

    The is also a group of tutorial videos showing how to get started with Microstrategy as a reporting application.

    This set of how-to`s include:

  • Setting up and configuring the Server
  • Designing Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Designing Metrics, Filters, and Prompts
  • Adding Users
  • Web deployment

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