Microstrategy is one of the leading of Business Intelligence platforms. The platform provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring solution for enterprise Business Intelligence needs. Microstrategy runs on patented ROLAP-based SQL engine which has been significantly improved with Microstrategy 9, with performance improved up to 55% according to the company’s data.

Microstrategy new reporting and workflow capabilities

Comparing to previous BI platforms created by the company, Microstrategy 9 offers a selection of new features.
It includes new reporting capabilities with Report Services features. The features can be used by users of any skill levels. They allow to build complex statements of customers and reporting by using a series of in-build tools such as automatic pagination, automatic table of contents generation, dynamic selection of images, horizontal repeating sections, multi-layout, reports, vertical text layout, and watermarks.
Microstrategy also offers improved dynamic dashboards with higher information capacity and new analytical possibilities. Existing reports can be converted to a document or a dashboard using a dashboard template that facilitates data presentation.
The Microstrategy platform also offers a library of visualizations together with dynamic sector controls to combine data from several reports into one dashboard or create a dashboard book of the most frequently used reports. Such dashboards allow further data investigation as full OLAP analytical options are enabled on existing dashboards. All the functions can be used by user that are not familiar with IT issues because no writing of a code is required.

Multi-source ROLAP and data distribution

Microstrategy 9 includes a new multi source option that facilitates and speeds up data flow across a company. It helps deploy BI applications quicker and enables connection of various individual data warehouses, marts, and departmental databases to build an integrated enterprise BI architecture instead of dispersed installations. Any user within a company can access data stored in enterprise's databases to create and analyze reports or dashboard. This solution saves time of data migration and allows to use heterogeneous data sources.

Microstrategy also claims that the system is completely transparent both to report designers and users, and that connection of the software is possible to any of these sources at once without IT professionals' help.

To facilitate data distribution within a company, Microstrategy offers an application called Microstrategy Distribution Services. This tool was designed to high-volume distribution of reports and dashboards without IT supervision. It allows decentralized access to data by setting information flows between users and enables report management by choosing custom delivery formats, end-points, time and event-based triggers, and by setting up alerts for the most KPIs.

Microstrategy Web interface

Microstrategy 9 offers a faster and more intuitive Web interface which enables more control on created reports and dashboards.
Web-based users can benefit from a wide range of self-service features such as prompt and filter creation, grid and graph designer, ribbon toolbars, one-click drilling across all data, a detailed threshold editor, and easily build, reformat or personalize data without professional assistance.

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