Cognos Decisionstream

Cognos DecisionStream architecture

Cognos DecisionStream is a powerful ETL tool, comprised of a DecisionStream designer graphical design environment and an ETL engine acting as a server.
The Cognos Decision Stream designer is a graphical tool for implementing the ETL process. It lets users map data sources into data streams, define transformations of the data, organize facts and dimensions into a star or snowflake schema, etc.

The DecisionStream designer comprises of the following components shown below:

Dimension library
Dimension library browser with many dimensional templates. DecisionStream provides templates for managing surrogate keys and slowly changing dimensions (SCD).
Dimension and Fact builds
Dimensions and facts builds are defined by ETL developers, a module used for managing the ETL process
Visual design environment
ETL process designer which lets developers design a flow. The visual designer provides the main four views to manage the ETL process:
- Marketing perspective
- Data Stream
- Transformation Model
- Fact Delivery

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